Everyone can own a piece of art as a group of art enthusiasts at TheFamousPopArt brings back the pop art scene that has its origin back in the 1950s. Putting art into terms of everyday, contemporary life, and making art accessible to everyone, TheFamousPopArt showcases an array of exquisite modern art pieces that integrate fine art with popular culture, whilst celebrating life with wit, humor and optimism – definitely just what it is, to make today’s home so different and so appealing. 


“Just What Is It that Makes Today’s Home So Different and So Appealing?” – collage by Richard Hamilton, English artiste




A collaboration with Keetatat Sitthiket

TheFamousPopArt collaborates with Keetatat Sitthiket to bring you all of his art collections. A young aspiring artist he is, Keetatat Sitthiket translates his ideas, perspective and attitude of life into the modern form of Pop Art that permeates the everyday lives of the society. He sets the beat of pop culture in his generation by combining romantic, sentimental and humorous elements with bold and loud statements in his masterpieces. His dramatic styles distinct art from its original form, bringing it to a level that is both sophisticated and exquisite.




About Shipping:

We love our art pieces, just the way you love them too. Thus, you can be assured that all art pieces are handled with delicate and tender care; carefully packed & wrapped with protective sheets to ensure that it reaches you safely and in good order. 





*Local (Singapore) registered parcel:  2 - 3 working days 

*Express courier service: 1 - 2 working days 

*Overseas shipping: 7 - 14 working days 



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